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life and work.



Small Talk

We’re going to keep the conversation fun, simple and lighthearted. In these ten-odd minute episodes, we intend to laugh, take the seriousness out of work-life, and share ideas and insights on the things we love or love-to-hate about life and work. 



Season Two

A look at  the nuances of growth, building a team, and learning to let go too. Hiring better also means knowing the difference between long-term team players vs dipping into the gig economy to get work done. 

Everywhere you look there is a loved one in need of something that should be so fundamentally easy to get your hands on. It is also a time for personal grief. Grief that I, Subha Chandrasekaran, am channeling into a tribute for a man I loved oh so much. 

Productivity has been thrown around like party confetti, raining down on us and yet dampening our spirits. Own what works for you!

Have you ever juggled conflicting expectations in a new environment? Do you struggle with boundaries in the hybrid work world? How do you stay professional when the workplace is also the dining table or bedroom corner?

When building teams or solving a problem, what's the best set of people to have? Are you really looking at diversity from all angles?

A truly inspiring and insightful conversation with Kartik Hosanagar, a multipotentialite with careers in academia, entrepreneurship, angel-investing and now jumpstarting a new venture in movie-making. 

Royal dramas, Oprah’s ability to ask the right questions, and why we need to ask more and listen more in a world that’s connected, probably more than it needs to be.

An honest and brave Notes to Self, where Hasita shares her personal mental health journey. A journey that takes courage, compassion, and commitment, to know and understand that it's ok to not be ok. And in knowing that, you will be ok. 

How would we fare if we were asked to give a speech this very moment? 




Season One

Going on a trip down memory lane, a few life lessons that hold everyone in good stead, but mostly just us talking to you about 2020, and our hopes for the future. 

Hiring a new employee or starting a new gig can feel much like jumping through virtual hoops, but here's how to make it worth your while.

Putting names, titles, reasons and other fancy stuff to the disembodied voices you'll now be hearing on your way to work or on the couch that's now office.

We welcome our first podcast guest Manoj Madhusudanan, Head of dunnhumby India, to talk about managing a virtual workforce,

In good times and pandemics, the job hunt is a challenging effort. But the document that's supposed to help us get land a job, is betraying us. Here's how to fix it.

So many social platforms to choose from, ideas to be detailed, creatives and content to be put out... and finally, no one seems to be seeing it. Let's start from the very beginning and simplify this for you. 

An ode to the many Zoom calls we've muted ourselves on. But also real tips to make meetings less painful and more productive.

 Here's how you can still keep connecting to the good side of LinkedIn, as a corporate cubicle-dweller or an independent soul.

To get warmed up, we start our podcast season with a podcast about podcasts! We didn't plan it this way but we just got chatting and turns out we have quite a few ideas and recommendations in this space.