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Give your career a 

career transition
Rainkraft career coach


A resume that helps you Shine.

In just this year alone, our Resume Refresh services have helped dozens of people articulate their career achievements to land their next job, switch careers, and bring magic back into their professional life.

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Why Resume Refresh?

For every transition you choose to make in your professional life, a resume serves as a true representation of who you are. When you make your resume stand out, you significantly improve your chances of making a good first impression, and subsequently being hired.


Whether you are looking for global opportunities or making sure you beat automated screening tools, we can make it happen. 

career transition


If you're just getting started as a working professional, we can work together to create your resume and highlight your unique attributes, achievements, and dreams.

switch career


After a few years in any domain, switching to a different one can be tough but not impossible. Put your best foot forward with a resume that reflects your experience, and your new interests.

career transition


Getting back after a career break? Let's work together to make that break a part of your life experience, and highlight your newfound skills. Ideal for any level of past experience.

Rainkraft career coach


Here's how we can work together.

Please use the button below to be directed to a Google Form, where you can fill in some key details, and upload your current resume. You will also have the option to book an optional discovery call to address your queries. 

  • How do I get started?
    Here's how we can work together. 1. Ready for Resume: If you are fairly certain that you want to work on your resume right away, please use the Fill the Form button on this page to be directed to a Google Form. The form is to capture some basic information and you can upload your current resume and book the first interaction call to address your queries and understand the process. It would be a 15 min call over Zoom or Google Meet. 2. Seeking Clarity: If you are veering today's working on your resume and not sure if you want to invest in the process, you can just book a Discovery Call with Subha and gain clarity. It would be a 15 min call over Zoom or Google Meet.
  • What is Resume Refresh?
    Resume Refresh is a personalised resume-writing service. Subha, as a senior leader and coach, found herself often working with executives in her network to write or improve on their resume. Most individuals either don't have time for it or struggle to find the right words to thread their career story together. Working with a skilled coach like Subha has enabled many to craft their career story effectively. She has now expanded this service to larger audience.
  • Are resumes still relevant?
    Absolutely! Resumes continue to be an essential tool in the job search process. While the way resumes are crafted and presented has evolved over time, their relevance remains steadfast. Here's why resumes are still crucial: First Impressions: Resumes serve as your professional introduction to potential employers. They provide a snapshot of your skills, experience, and qualifications, helping employers quickly assess your fit for a particular role. Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS): Many companies use ATS software to manage their recruitment process. Resumes tailored with relevant keywords and proper formatting can pass through these systems effectively, increasing your chances of landing an interview. Personalized Branding: Resumes allow you to showcase your unique value proposition and personal brand. They provide an opportunity to highlight your achievements, skills, and career progression, enabling you to stand out from other candidates. Reference and Interview Guide: Resumes serve as a reference point during interviews, helping you recall specific accomplishments and experiences. They also serve as a guide for interviewers to ask relevant questions and dive deeper into your background. While online platforms and professional networking sites are valuable, a well-crafted resume remains the foundation of your job search. At Rainkraft, we specialize in personalized resume writing services tailored to your specific goals and target roles. We ensure your resume effectively communicates your strengths and maximizes your chances of securing interviews. In a competitive job market, investing in a professionally crafted resume can make a significant difference in capturing the attention of employers and advancing your career.
  • What if I don't have a current resume to share?
    That's ok. Share your existing resume in whatever shape it is in plus information to cover for anything missing in the resume. If you don't have a resume document, you would need to jot down all the relevant information for a standard resume sections (work experience, education, contact details, etc.) in a word document and share it. Also, share your LinkedIn profile URL if you have one (even if it is not updated recently.) Subha will schedule a call with you to understand your work, career highlights, and plans for the next job.
  • What happens after filling the form/sharing the current resume?
    Once you have shared your requirement via email or a Discovery call, Subha will review your inputs and schedule a 30-min call with you to understand your work, career highlights, and plans for the next job. You will receive a draft resume in 7-10 days and engage over email/scheduled calls to make the changes needed till it reads right. The process typically takes a first draft and then a couple of iterations to get right. Do plan for time to collate your thoughts and inputs and also to review and give feedback. This is finally your career summary and it will turn out as good as the inputs you share. ​ With that in mind, if it is an emergency request, please indicate it on the Google Form. We cannot promise that emergency requests will be accommodated but we will try our best.
  • What are the charges for Resume Refresh?
    The charges will be communicated after seeing your current resume, knowing what additional services you want (LinkedIn profile, cover letter, etc.) and determining the effort involved. Typically, charges begin at Rs. 8000/- plus GST without any add-ons.
  • Will the resume be ATS compliant?
    Absolutely! We understand the importance of creating resumes that are ATS compliant. We follow industry best practices and stay up-to-date with the latest ATS requirements. Our goal is to provide you with a resume that not only impresses human readers but also navigates the automated screening processes effectively. Being ATS compliant means that your resume is optimized to meet the requirements of Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), which are automated software used by many employers to manage and streamline the recruitment process.
Rainkraft career coach
Rainkraft career coach


Even more ways to Grow.

Talk to us about how you can level up your career, with personalised solutions for your need and context.

Rainkraft career coach


All the tools, and the mindset, you need to land that job. Includes a series of role and function-specific mock interviews.

Team goals


One-on-one sessions to enhance your performance at the workplace, across areas identified during our discovery call.

Interview skills

Succeed and grow professionally in your chosen path. A coaching engagement is a highly focused way of achieving your goals.

Interested to know more about these solutions? Book a free discovery call with Subha to get started.

Rainkraft career coach


Why our Clients trust us

Here are just some of the many ways our clients have benefited from our Career Services

Rainkraft career coach

Subha has an eye for making every CV impactful and instantly stand-out to every recruiter! Her feedback was very specific and directed towards sharpening my CV. She was patient enough to go over the details with me line by line.

Senior Consultant 
14 years work experience
Rainkraft career coach

Subha is a writer par excellence. She understood my requirements to the T and delivered very well. Her recommendations were thought through and overall, it was a very smooth, professional experience.

Senior HR Professional 
22 years work experience
Rainkraft career coach

Insightful discussions thru which Subha was able to capture the essence of my work experience and portray the same same succinctly.

Senior Executive, FMCG,
30 years work experience
Rainkraft career coach

Subha did an excellent job of developing my profile which captured various aspects in my career. She was very open to feedback and I would highly recommend her.

IT Professional
12 years work experience
Questions? Please get in touch.

Thank you for contacting us. Look out for an email shortly with next steps.

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