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Reclaiming Your Mojo: 10 Steps To Get Back In The Flow

Reclaiming Your Mojo: 10 Steps To Get Back In The Flow

You can be productive 100% of the time, 24/7...if you’re a robot. If modern work demands have ever made you wish you were a machine or had a machine, you are not alone!

The fact remains that we are human and therefore subject to the vagaries of the human condition, and thus, feeling fried, exhausted, unmotivated, and ultimately, unproductive, is normal. At times in our work life, a drop in productivity happens to the best of us. Just realising this can lead to a lifting of the guilt of being unproductive一which, in itself, is a block to actual execution.

If you’ve been in an unproductive rut, you must realise that climbing out and regaining your focus takes some work. But worry not, our guidelines on reclaiming your action-headspace are here to eliminate your ‘starting trouble!’

10 Steps To Getting Work Done Again

  1. Sometimes the block to productivity is not a lack of time, it is a lack of inner motivation. Take some time to self-reflect and evaluate what’s holding you back from being your productive best. Then deal with it.

  2. Start with a clean workspace. Organising your physical space is a precursor for clearing productivity-blocking mental clutter.

  3. Get nagging or intimidating tasks out of the way. They have a way of occupying and clouding our mind-space, sometimes causing us to overthink, and not get anywhere. Just grab the bull by the horns and clear this potent obstacle away.

  4. Digital distractions are among the top productivity killers. With its dopamine hits, or alternatively, anxiety fodder, social media needs to go into cold storage if you want to get in the zone and get stuff done. Physically distance yourself from your smartphone if you must.

  5. Track how you spend your time. It’s rather like watching what you eat if you want to reach a healthy weight, or tracking your spending if you want a healthier bank account. Time is a limited resource, and keeping an eye on your activities during the day will help you be accountable to yourself.

  6. Similarly, if you find your energy and productivity flagging at certain times of day, schedule your breaks accordingly, or delegate more mechanical tasks to those times. This will keep your “prime time” free for more creative and focused pursuits.

  7. Make digital technology work for you. Use apps that help you track time spent on tasks, and send alerts when you are exceeding your own allotted time. If you have digressed, this will get you back on track.

  8. Think ahead towards the end of the week about what you would like to achieve the following week, and note it down. Refer to your list at the start of the new week. This serves as a very efficient work compass.

  9. Stay connected with your people: your support network at work and outside of it. Share your learnings, challenges, and victories. Seeing your efforts appreciated is a great morale as well as productivity booster.

  10. Challenge yourself to do better than you did yesterday. Build upon your own small successes and the big ones will follow.

Make one little change and things will start to fall into place.

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