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Achieving Better Outcomes With Learning: A Client Success Story

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

Client Success Story

​What can a hundred people do for an organisation? If you ask our client, with whom we partnered a learning journey, they can become the new leadership that all businesses struggle to build.

As organisations grow, it is never an easy task to prepare for the future- to pick individuals from the pool who are most likely to become top management tomorrow, to hone them into individuals with influence and to plan for a business’s success several decades down the line.

Yet, some companies have that vision. And we have been fortunate to work with a few of them and design learning solutions.

​What Do Learning Clients Look Like

The focus of this journey for over 100 managers was not just to align with the organisation’s goals, but also to develop as individuals and prepare themselves to take up more challenging roles and functions.e into their work. Yet, the top leadership wonders why this doesn’t reflect in the teams and the output. They wonder why defining the charter and hosting relevant (and expensive) courses online hasn’t moved the needle on workplace competencies.

Back to our case study. Out of their large pool of team leaders, project managers and supervisors, the company picked out those people who showed promise in terms of their individual inclination as well as in aligning themselves with the long-term vision.

Our task was to help these people discover the ‘why’ behind what they do, to help them drill down to their specific strength and weaknesses and to help them develop into leaders who could influence their teams to action.

Our Role In Learning

​RainKraft was involved in the end-to-end delivery of learning content, both for the online modules and the live workshops. Here are just a few of the resources we helped design for the learning journey:

  1. Curated content in the form of online resources to help participants prepare for a workshop in advance. We used a mix of videos and reading material to help engage the participants better. The material goes with a summary contextualising to their roles and role expectations.

  2. Personalised insights on each of the topics covered- the trainer’s perspective. This aspect allowed us to share a few more inputs to get the thought process started and to encourage divergent thinking.

  3. Journaling of the journey. Individual participants were encouraged to maintain and review their learning journal periodically. We provided pointers along the way to indicate parameters to be measured.

  4. Pre and post-learning assessments tailored to suit the audience in question. We do not believe in doing the standardised tests!

  5. One-on-one coaching sessions for those looking to take some time and space to get a better grip on their learning needs.

  6. Emailers, guest speaking engagements and associated resources to keep the participants engaged and motivated.

  7. Learning content, cases and real-world examples used in workshops to spark discussions.

  8. Since the learning journey was spread over a span of six months, we actively sought feedback from participants and designed content in a way that would best suit their learning needs.

  9. The use of a variety of different media such as storytelling, activities, games, theatre, psychometric tools, assignments, puzzles, business tools and dance and drama to create maximum learning impact. We believe in having fun with our learning. One specific tool in our bag creates cross-functional teams that break the silos and bring solutions that deliver true impact for the organisation.

The Proof Is In The Performance Pudding

​With the six-month program, we were able to achieve these objectives set out with the client before we began: • Participants were able to follow their own trajectory towards program completion and outcomes. The use of several different modes of delivery allowed them to choose their own pace and methodology. • The quality of the content, coupled with the style of delivery, ensured that the participants had immense amounts of fun and engagement during what would otherwise be a long journey. • Clear difference seen in the participants in the areas of managing the self, and the team. • Improvement in business outcomes as a direct result of more engaged employees with a new toolkit for delivering their very best. We work closely with the organisation and partners to ensure that every single item we deliver has the maximum possible impact. Our core aim is to stimulate thought with our learning content. Since our team also has expertise in delivering workshops, we are able to look at learning content from the perspective of the real world. Have questions about our workshops or our learning content? Take a look at our offerings for professional growth and write to us at for a consultation.

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