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Aligning Yourself To Your Organization’s Goals

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Aligning Yourself To Your Organization’s Goals

​​Last year, in the United States alone, companies spent $150 billion on trainings. For almost every organization, the basic need for training is effectively the same- get my employees to understand my business well enough. Why is this important? Because aligning a hundred people to do the same task is no mean feat.


​As a first-time manager, you would have noticed by now that your focus has suddenly shifted. Your targets are no longer your personal goals. Instead, your targets directly impact the business. Daunting as it may seem, a reorientation is in order. Finding it hard to think from a broader perspective? We can help.

  1. Your perspective: Are you having trouble seeing the big picture? Most organizations have systems in place to train new managers and explain their new role to them. If yours doesn’t seek out a mentor within the company who can help you. Actively seek mentorship for at least a period of six months. Learn everything there is to learn, and more importantly, listen to what is being said. Draw your own conclusions from this data, and you’re good to go.

  2. An aura of positivity. We’re yet to come across a Monday morning review that does not begin with bad news. In fact, some companies even use the term ‘Any Bad News?’ as a way to refer to everything from a broken coffee machine to a lost client. Why, though? As Master Oogway says in Kung Fu Panda, there is no good news or bad news- only news. Instead, try starting your reviews on a positive note. Discuss what went write first, so those habits can be repeated over time.

  3. What’s the intent? When the burden of a company’s fortune falls on your shoulders, it quickly begins to seem like everyone is out to get you. Never take a conversation personally, unless it was intended that way. In most cases, it isn’t Yourname speaking to Someoneelse’sname. Instead, it is Manager speaking to another Manager, or a client. Looking at it as such can help you see the big picture.

  4. Opening up opportunities. As a manager of a team, you are the best person to help identify their strengths and potential for new growth. Aligning yourself with your business also involves identifying talent that can take on new roles, or grow as you grow even higher. Grooming a team of people to lead gives you new insights into your own leadership, and how that fits in the grand scheme of things.

  5. An organization is just individuals. Never forget that. It is never about the Company name, but instead about who that entails. Aligning yourself to your organization is not an abstract construct that involves you miraculously understanding what the business needs. It is a meticulous process of speaking to those working under you, those working above and those who started it all in the first place. Don’t be shy to talk, and ask questions. The answers to those are what make up your company, and its needs.

Which of these steps would you implement first, and why? Tell us in the comments, or write to us at for more insights.

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