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Eighteen Tested Tips To Make Your Employees Love Work

Updated: Mar 11

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Sometimes, it isn’t just up to the individual to find joy in what they do. Sometimes, we need to go the extra mile and make coming to work worth their while. Gone are the days when the paycheck was enough incentive to go to work. Millennials today demand more. Here’s how to meet those expectations without burning an extra-large hole in your company cash flows.

Ways To Keep Employees Happy

  1. Leave Space: Many companies go over the top trying to design an inspiring workplace. Instead, provide your employees with the blank canvas and let them do the rest. It will be a story to tell, that you all painted the walls of the office in graffiti together.

  2. Think Community: Ensure that you have space set aside for lunches and coffee. People bond best over food, so create a space where they can spend quality time.

  3. Drop The Routine: If you have a small team, challenge them with new and engaging work often. Unless you hire people for their skills alone, there is no reason for them not to explore beyond their realm, and learn in the process.

  4. Display Your Loyalty: Yes, it isn’t just employees that are loyal to their workplaces. Water flows the other way too. Ensure that all of your employees are covered adequately for emergencies. Hire a financial planner to help them set goals and achieve them on a personal level.

  5. Let Them Explore: Millennials do not want to work within the confines of a job description. As long as they are fulfilling their designated roles, allow them to work on other projects that interest them. If it offers monetary benefit, even better.

  6. Dedicate Days For Positivity: For all the cribbing and complaining we do, we don’t often take time out just to think positive thoughts. Now is as good a time as any to get into the habit, together.

  7. Serve The World: Find a cause most people care about and plan a few structured activities around that. At the end of a long day, there is nothing better than a sense of having done some much-needed good.

  8. Show Your Appreciation: Do not be shy to offer, and receive, praise. We all deserve to tell a happy story about ourselves.

  9. Make Feedback Constructive: Managers have the very tough job of having to separate their feelings from their work. Not doing so means that you will probably dump your bad day on someone else. Make every interaction with you a constructive experience.

  10. Feeling Happy? Pay It Forward: If you’re having a particularly good day, share it with the people you spend most of your time with. A pizza does the trick.

  11. Celebrate Your Team: You hired them, and you probably see more in them than they do. Don’t lose any opportunity to tell your clients just how good your team is, and why.

  12. Let Them Have Fun: Discipline is best left in the industrial era. Today, the best thing you can do for your team is to let them just have fun.

  13. Reward Good Work: Many companies suffer from a case of a formal rewards program. Instead, stay tuned to what your people want, and offer rewards that drive them to do better.

  14. Be Honest About Bad Work: No one sets out to do bad work- at least, not all the time. If you find someone slipping up, be honest with your feedback and genuine in your support. They will thank you for a chance to improve.

  15. Be Inspired! If you are not having fun at work, it is just a matter of time before it percolates through the team. Consider taking a break and working on yourself. You cannot pour from an empty cup.

  16. Indulge In Some TLC: Whether it is an evening of movies or a day of wellness, involve your team in activities beyond work. Let them love their work because of all that it offers and not just some.

  17. Create Learning Opportunities: At RainKraft, we are advocates of lifelong learning. Be sure to engage a trusted trainer to work with your team on specific goals, both personal and professional.

  18. Never Stop Caring: As teams grow, they disperse. Never stop caring, however big your organization grows. Ensure that you spend time in small talk and indulge a few requests here and there.

Which of these tips will you begin following?

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