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Finding Focus: Embracing the Power of Letting Go

Updated: Apr 22

Unburden your goals and discover a lighter way to focus

Do you follow Thrive on Instagram? Just as we were gearing up to pen this newsletter, we stumbled upon a post that could have been considered downright rebellious just a few years back in our hustle-driven world.

In this modern age, it's quite the revelation that the new buzzword around goal-setting is...unsetting goals. Who would have thought that embracing the act of letting go would invoke such a liberating sensation? Often, at the commencement of an endeavour, we're fueled by zeal and readiness. Yet, over time, reality often sets in - what once sparked our enthusiasm might no longer align with our evolving priorities, or worse, devolve into someone else's mission, or a baffling 'strategic objective.'

The Evolution of Aspirations:

Kudos to those who have their passions nailed down in their early twenties and continue pursuing them fervently for decades. The professional arena is a dynamic dance, requiring both mastery and flexibility to thrive. But hold on a second - some of us, at some juncture in our career journeys, realize our current path might need a detour. This realization doesn't always entail burnout; sometimes, it's more of a persistent whisper, best left undisturbed. Yet, like all persistent whispers, that gut feeling about our work tends to amplify.

Was it wrong to release what once gleamed as a cherished dream? Not really. In fact, many early-stage startups seem to blossom by embracing a different kind of wisdom: knowing what to grasp and, more importantly, when to release. In a world of finite resources and attention spans, how far can we stretch before the essentials start snapping?

Navigating New Vistas:

We've all been there - the sense of outgrowing our current role while still being tethered to it. While systems and workplaces flourish when everyone plays their designated part, human aspirations aren't so linear. At some point, our experiences propel us towards broader responsibilities.

Negotiating for a new role is a delicate tightrope - showcasing your prowess and articulating your rightful demands. The latter, especially in Indian workplaces, can feel as tricky as solving a Rubik's Cube with your eyes closed. It's about more than just compensation; it encompasses everything from autonomy to being the ultimate decision whisperer.

If you're toeing this juncture, the episode of "Small Talk with RainKraft" on crafting a killer elevator pitch for yourself might be your guiding light. And when it comes to negotiation, preparation is your armour. Yet, let's not overdose on pessimism.

The Dopamine Detour:

Hold on to your coffee – there's a book that might just have you tossing your phone away. Dr. Anna Lembke's "Dopamine Nation" is a game-changer.

Ever wondered why social media is akin to digital quicksand? Would deleting those apps banish your digital demons? It appears we're far more intricate than that, with our pleasure-pain pathways taking the wheel.

Lembke's work intriguingly suggests that our modern epidemic of discontent might have an unusual culprit: the scarcity of challenges in this age of convenience. From food cravings to binge-worthy shows, from instant connections to on-demand entertainment – there's an app for everything. Yet, the ease of access appears to erode the excitement we once associated with attaining these life essentials.

Remember those friends who keep flip-flopping between downloading and deleting social media apps? Their emotional journey isn't just about finding a connection; it's a deeper quest for identity. Is our cosy comfort zone unintentionally stifling us?

Our comfort zones can be as cosy as a warm blanket on a chilly day, shielding us from life's unpredictable winds. It's like refusing to venture beyond the well-worn path and into the jungle of possibilities. And yet, the most exciting tales often begin where the beaten trail ends.

Interestingly, the magnetic comfort zone might not be as comforting as we think. So, whether it's trying a new hobby, signing up for a workshop, or even daring to approach a conversation from a different angle, remember, the comedy of comfort zones might just be the funniest story you write in your life's book of adventures.

Have we made ourselves so comfortable that we can’t bear to be present to our existence?

Well, science certainly seems to think so.

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