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Looking Back At Yet Another Year At RainKraft

Updated: Mar 11

Rainkraft 2019 recap

This December, RainKraft turned four.

Four years of doing meaningful work, supporting individuals and companies alike with learning strategies, content, coaching and consulting… the heart is full. This year also marks the completion of two years since we started the RainKraft blog. We love digging deep into one idea, looking at it from different perspectives and keeping it simple for you.


From themes like setting goals and managing time to focusing on having fun at work to hiring right, we have covered a very wide berth here, indeed. In all three of RainKraft’s pillar areas, we have done some good work, said yes to some more good work and are walking into 2020 tall and proud (after a short break, of course).

Our Work In Content

We’re immensely proud of just how much we have accomplished with RainKraft’s own blog. We always tell clients that content marketing is an exercise that rewards consistency immensely, and the best example we have of this is us. If you’d like to read more of our work in 2019, take a look here.

Earlier this year, we worked with Jeevika Skills Foundation to develop a banking training course for graduates from low-income families with no access to further specialised education. These graduates were trained in the nuances of banking including various products, processes, roles in each department. We also conducted assessments and developed an exhaustive body of content for them to confidently seek a BFSI job.

Another important milestone this year is the sheer diversity of work we have had the opportunity to do. For a Middle East based organic food brand, we conducted preliminary market research to understand market viability and what the best way to enter the Indian FMCG space would be.

For two clients- one in wellness and the other in jewellery, we helped not just with creating most of the static content (product descriptions, blogs and web pages) but also spent time working with the client on their consumer personas, the brand voice and more.

Our long and rewarding association continues with Shumee Toys for yet another year, and we kept them company as they crossed 20,000 followers on Instagram. For a cafe and restaurant chain based in Bengaluru, we provided and continue to provide social media support. Our work in the health and wellness space was further enhanced when we developed site content for a medical professional, as well as in working with a Workplace Wellness solutions provider. We strengthened our fashion/retail/AI expertise with a regular stream of writing for a kickass startup Mad Street Den.

In the last quarter of 2019, we also took our first steps into the international market writing for an eCommerce player and handling a fairly large content portfolio.

In Consultations And Learning

Diversity in work has been the theme of the year for us and it also continues into individual and organisational training.

We worked with Lavelle Networks to help them set up people practices from the ground up at a crucial time in their growth journey. On the journey of continuous learning, we support two companies- a large food conglomerate and a rcommunication agency, in discovering their brand vision and mission, helping various stakeholders align with that vision and supporting the growth of every individual in the organisation. Needless to say, this has also involved some extra fun and learning in the form of offsite adventures.

At a Canadian technology firm, we conducted professional effectiveness workshops. Today, there’s enough noise wherever we look and the most effective leaders are those that can cut through the noise, set clear objectives and inspire teams to achieve them. It gives us immense satisfaction to be able to work with companies that recognise this need.

Jobs For Her, an online platform that helps women restarters find meaningful work, is an endeavour that is close to our hearts. When RainKraft was started four years ago, one of our key aims was to help women on a break get back to work on their own terms. At Jobs For Her, founder Subha has conducted expert chat sessions, skilling courses and interview coaching to help several women take the giant leap with far greater confidence.

Coaching And Individual Development

Subha, who became an ICF certified coach in 2018, has added even more accolades to her basket this year, keeping alive the spirit of RainKraft, which is all about learning continuously. She is now Harrison Assessment Level I certified and has also completed her EUM certification. These certifications help her approach each individual mentee with a complete perspective of who they are and where they want to be.

As a Cherie Blair Foundation Mentor, this year she worked with Ifeoma, an entrepreneur from Nigeria looking to scale her business and build her team.

Finally, its the team that makes RainKraft. From our regular writers – Hasita, Nandini, Frieda, Chayanika, Mallika, Deepika, to our out-of-this-world facilitator Vandana, to digitial and design expert Mithali and Swathi with everything technology. Thank you, ladies!

Going into 2020, we have nothing but appreciation in our hearts for the year that was. Looking back at just how far we have come, we cannot help but be immensely excited for the year that will be, and we look forward to putting the best of ourselves out there with equal gusto.

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