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ReStart Your Career With The Boost It Needs: Solutions From RainKraft

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

ReStart Your Career With The Boost It Needs

Navigating a relaunch into the corporate sector can be challenging. At RainKraft, ReStart programs are a core area that we work on. Our ICF certified coach, Subha Chandrasekaran, actively works with women (and men) who have taken a break in their career journey and are now looking to better understand when and how they want to make their way back.


Indeed, several companies actively lookout for women on a break to join their ranks in mid and senior management roles. However, the gap between expectations on both ends is glaringly obvious. On the one hand, women do not want to be shortchanged for all the time they have chosen to spend away from the corporate environment. On the other, businesses are jittery about hiring someone who may feel out of place in a younger team. One way to solve the problem is to actively work towards ensuring that companies can see your effort in the form of certifications or short consulting projects. Beyond this, there is also the mindset shift that is needed to get back to work, and RainKraft offers solutions in both areas. Here’s an overview of how we can help: 1. Resume Refresh: ​Spruce up your CV and highlight your most current skills. Condense it in a way that your strong attributes stand out first. Make the CV visually appealing. If all of this seems daunting, turn to our Resume Refresh service.

2. ReStart Coaching: For anyone looking for a mindset shift after a break, coaching is highly recommended. You need to navigate not just professional challenges, but also the status quo at home and in relationships that are bound to change. A coach helps you set goals that inspire you, and can lead you gently on that path but with a firm hand. In many ways, a coach is a person you can sound off to and get inputs from, while also having a neutral ear. It also includes mock interviews and ways to help you build your network to better your chances of landing a job.

3. Workplace Skills: For women restarters, we have specific skilling modules such as one for reskilling to match the needs of your new workplace, developing a career vision to see the big picture, and sessions on making an impact in your new environment. Interview skills and personal branding are some of the other aspects that we cover.

[Also Read : Getting Back After A Break: Do’s And Don’ts In An Interview] We are invested in your career as much as you are. When looking out for jobs after a break, it is tempting to settle for lesser or to feel like you owe the new workplace more than they’ve really asked for. Going through a structured program grooms you for success while also learning how to draw boundaries, have conversations with your new team and also find your place in the corporate segment. Indeed, several women have gone on to help senior leadership positions after a career break of even a decade or more. You can do that too! All you need is a good support system and ample guidance to help you navigate a new phase in life.

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