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Tips For Your First Day At A New Job

Updated: Aug 23, 2020

Tips For Your First Day At A New Job

The Employee Checklist Of Onboarding Questions To Ask

​Today, even the smallest of companies often have some sort of onboarding experience in place. However, there may be times when the information provided is insufficient, or there is no information to go by at all! Unfortunately, many companies miss the fact that it is always the small things that stress the new employee out the most. Here’s what you can do.

Where does one show up? Who will be meeting them and showing them around? Is it all going to be covered in one day, or will they be meeting people through the week? Who will be assigning tasks and how are priorities set for these tasks? If the employer has not answered these questions or looks unlikely to do so, use this checklist of questions as a way to proactively seek information and find the answers you are looking for. Before The Date Of Joining • On what date/ time do I need to come for the first workday? Who will be meeting me and where? If you work in a bigger complex with many offices, you may also choose to ask for directions to get to your workplace. • When will we be completing all the formal procedures, and officially beginning work? • Who are some people I need to get to know before I start? On The Day Of Joining • What are the work timings expected of me? This can often be a tough question to ask, but we think that working long hours, ​or not starting before noon, is a cultural quagmire that particularly plagues small teams. It is important to clear these things beforehand and set your own rules. One way to ask the question tactfully would be to say, “Does it work if I come in by nine and stay until five?” • What do people usually do for lunch? You can ask your peers/ coworkers to show you to the cafeteria, or carry your own lunch depending on what everyone else seems to be doing. • Is there a dress code that we follow? • How do I ask for leave when I need one? Whom do I route it to? • How do teams here work? Do they use collaboration tools? What is the best way to get attention to an urgent task? • How does the company operate around expense claims? Are amounts provided beforehand, or do we pay first and claim later? • Is there documentation on principles, and the code of conduct, that can be read on the first day? In The First Week After Joining • Whom do I contact for technical and IT related support? • Who is the right person to share feedback with, a) for a project, and b) about my experience? • Whom should I speak to for subscriptions I need to do the job well? • How do I book a meeting room and how long can I typically use it for? • How do I keep my material secure? Should I carry it home after the workday? • What are the company’s review and appraisal policy? How can I get feedback on my work before the appraisal is due? • How do I refer someone to the company? It is completely understandable that some of these questions may be too uncomfortable for you to ask and get answers to. However, asking them upfront shows that you are committed to settling in and that you are taking charge of your experience in the company. Maybe, once you are aboard the ship, you can consider designing a good onboarding experience for future employees that answers all of these questions, and more. Stay tuned to our blog for the next one in the series on some of the most amazing onboarding experiences in the history of hiring.

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